Jay’s father finds out the hard way that retirement is out of the question. George sees that working hard will always pay off no matter who is in control of your destiny and does his best to guide his son towards the answers.

Born a leader, Nathan’s commitment to the cause is ever-consuming and serves to distance him a bit from everyone. He has grown fond of one Rebel who’s out of his reach, though he knows it’s probably for the best.

When intricate plans must be executed, Bernie is the one to call. She’s always there to lend a helping hand to her family (the Rebels) and will take down anyone who tries to hurt them.

After losing her brother, Zoe must now fight for justice as well as the freedoms she once knew. Her clever tactics, agile escapes, and aggressive intellect can only mean one thing for those who have done her and The People wrong.

With investigation as a sixth sense, Jay knows that something doesn’t line up with a recent arson case. The deeper he digs, the closer he comes to uncovering a truth that will forever shake his convictions.

Victor Brandt
Granted, with what seems like more power than the President, the powerful chair of the Federal Reserve, has been entrusted with “saving” the US economy. He’s a media darling, but what if they learned about the skeletons in his closet?

As Victor’s ice-cold henchman, Quill grants the wishes to the most powerful. His smile is oozing with everything but mercy. If “the banality of evil” has a visual equivalent, it’s Quill.