Q: What kind of film is Silver Circle?
A: Silver Circle is an animated, feature-length, independent film. The plot is about a group of Rebels that take on the Federal Reserve in 2019. Check out our About the Movie page to learn more.

Q: When can I see Silver Circle?
A: It is now available on several VOD platforms as well as DVD and BluRay.

Q: What is a graphic novel and when are you releasing yours?
A: A graphic novel is a narrative story conveyed with illustrations and usually has several chapters. You can buy yours here. It’s a full-length version of Silver Circle in comic form. Meet the characters and help them fight the Fed!

Q: How can students spread the word about the movie and get involved?
A: In 2014 we’ll be debuting a “Silver Circle Campus Kit” that includes all you’ll need to have screenings on campus.
Q: Are you selling Silver Circle merchandise?
A: You can find Silver Circle DVD’s, t-shirts, our full-length comic book, and our popular “End the Fed” shirt along with awesome bumper stickers at our store: http://silvercirclemovie.com/store | We also sell 1 oz. and 1/10 oz. silver rounds at the store (currently sold out)…all of these things are a great idea for holiday gifts!

Q: Is this movie politically partisan?
A: No, Silver Circle does not represent any certain political party. Our blog talks a lot about politics, however the message in the film never addresses any sort of partisanship.

Q: How do I submit my talent toward the film?
A: All of our talent has been fulfilled for the movie and we’re on the last leg of post-production! However, we have sequels coming around the bend and encourage everyone to join our mailing list to be the first to know about casting calls.

Have more questions? E-mail us info@silvercirclemovie.com