Pasha Roberts 

Pasha is the man with the plan. Director, Producer, Compositor, soldier of liberty. When not making movies he can be found, wearing his signature bow tie at economic events…or blasting his gat at the firing range.

Raedia Sikkema Albinson 

Rae is the Animation Director. She’s responsible for all things Maya. From character run cycles to designing wind dynamics, the 3D world and all it’s funkiness is hers to patrol.

Ben Pugh 

Ben is the Associate Producer and Editor. He splits his time between talent wrangling and burrowing himself into a dark editing room. He’s never met a scene he didn’t want to cut.

Megan Duffield 

Megan is the all-powerful Marketing Manager. She’s an event plannin’, bloggin, tweetin, facebookin’ ninja…not to mention a defender of liberty who rocks the dance floor. She’s a threat.

Matt Cassidy 

A New Hampshire native who has introduced the studio to the most delicious treat in the world (the melted Rolo/pretzel sandwich), Matt was the first to join the new batch of animators we’ve added to the team.

Jaime Goulet  

Jaime is a UMass Dartmouth graduate as well as a certified animator from the CDIA program. Her passion is in the digital arts: movies, video games, etc., so she’s found the right place to work her talents!

Davi Barker 

Davi’s writing is controversial and out of the box, so we didn’t hesitate to bring him on board! He leads the way writing about the Occupy Movement, but you can also read his latest on the assault of our civil liberties on

Jenna Montani

Jenna is our equestrian Render/Animation Specialist. When she’s not fine tuning the animation and cameras, you can count on hearing an outburst of laughter from her desk when she finds the occasional missing or misplaced limb on a character.

Jackie Musto 

Jackie is the Concept Artist. She designs the 2D sets, characters, wardrobes, and the occasional tattoo. She also happens to be a mega-talented Comicbook Artist and is currently working on Silver Circle – The Graphic Novel.

Petr Yerchenko 

Peter has joined our animation team all the way from Russia. Well he didn’t exactly travel here JUST for Silver Circle, but after finishing the CDIA program at Boston University he’s decided to join us.

Matt McCarthy 

Another graduate from theĀ Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Art program, Matt is now part of our crew. When he’s not animating, you can find him feeding treats to the director of security.

Diego Aguirre 

Diego joined the animation team as another alum of the CDIA program. He was actually part of one of the first 3D programs offered through BU a few years back…since then he has been working for CDIA, but we snagged his talents forĀ Silver Circle!

Barry Donegan

You may recognize Barry from being the frontman of Look What I Did. He rocks just as hard at being a liberty activist. He writes for and has held it down! As Barry would say “Rock On!”

Ponzi Roberts 

Ponzi is the Director of Security. Don’t let her looks fool you. Beneath that docile exterior is a trained assassin.